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Web Projects - Clients


This is a collection of commercial web projects that were commissioned by my clients. Screen shots and a brief description of each project is included. The latest project was a web development job for Testequip, and my portfolio also includes clients such as seven thousand oaks, MDS Partners, Amber Anderson, Veganpet and Vignette Press.

Testequip Pty Ltd (2009)

Testequip is a specialist in supplying scientific equipment for industrial and academic institutions. The site operators wanted to expand their business online and requested an e-commerce system to be implemented on their existing web site. The new shopping cart system was branded as the T-Shop, then launched with a comprehensive catalogue of hand-held microscopes. The shop front uses the Zen Cart content management system, which incorporates a completely redesigned template.

Figure Testequip 1 Figure Testequip 2
Figure Testequip 3 Figure Testequip 4

seven thousand oaks (2008)

seven thousand oaks creates a space where art and sustainability can connect. The site focuses on artworks that raises awareness around sustainability issues. It is also an online resource of artists, green arts suppliers and provides information related to the sustainable arts movement. The project was based on the CMS Made Simple content management system. Custom plug-ins were created to allow seven thousand oaks to interface with a database of artist profiles, products, resources and supplier information. The web site logo was designed by Chris Gaul.

Figure seven thousand oaks 1 Figure seven thousand oaks 2
Figure seven thousand oaks 3 Figure seven thousand oaks 4

MDS Partners (2008)

MDS Partners is a consulting firm that caters for a variety of services, such as accounting, corporate governance, internal auditing, marketing and so on. The executives of the company wanted a simple and yet easy to manage web site for promoting their services. As with many other projects I have undertaken before, the content management system that was chosen to power the MDS Partners web site was based on the Wordpress project.

Figure MDS Partners 1 Figure MDS Partners 2

Amber Anderson Motorsport (2008)

Amber Anderson is a racing car driver who wanted to redesign her profile web site. She also wanted to add new content and implement better facilities for managing image galleries. Wordpress was chosen once again for handling the web site's content. Wordpress provides straightforward administration features, allowing clients to learn most of the content editing facilities with ease.

During the development phase, a brand new Wordpress template was created, which skinned the web site with a purple and navy theme. To meet the image gallery requirements, a plug-in called Lazyest Gallery was installed with Wordpress. The Contact Form plug-in was also installed to allow Amber's fans to submit emails through a CAPTCHA enabled system.

Figure Amber Anderson 1 Figure Amber Anderson 2
Figure Amber Anderson 3 Figure Amber Anderson 4

Veganpet (2007)

Veganpet is an Australian pet food business, specialising in animal friendly pet food and pet care products. The company's entire web site was redeveloped and was given a complete graphical overhaul.

For the most part, Veganpet is an e-Commerce web site, based on the Zen Cart shopping cart system. During the upgrade, a custom Zen Cart theme was built and significant changes were made to the site's appearance. The original web site consisted mostly of static web pages. This limited the client's ability to add or edit content. To solve this problem, Wordpress incorporated into the new site, which made the content management tasks a lot easier. The default Wordpress template was also edited and redesigned to match the Zen Cart theme created earlier. Furthermore, a custom "404" handler was written to redirect customers still using old links, or to handle out-of-date search engine referrals.

Figure Veganpet 1 Figure Veganpet 2
Figure Veganpet 3 Figure Veganpet 4

Vignette Press (2007)

Vignette Press is an indie publishing house outfit formerly operating as Wannabee Publishing. Vignette Press was originally a static, HTML structured web site. During the redevelopment stage, the old web site was migrated onto a more flexible content management system, based on Wordpress. It was necessary to customise the Wordpress theme in order to recreate the minimal design seen in the original site. The original content was copied and added to the new site with little modification. The owner of the site expanded and updated its contents since the site was re-launched, so the actual web site might look a little different from picture below.

Figure Vignette Press 1